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Middle School (6-8)


  • 2016 CAAT Summer Enrichment Camp 4 customer reviews
    The purpose of this camp is to promote awareness of students in “self-driving cars” to spark their interest in a STEM career and improve creativity, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.
  • 2017 CAAT Conference Driverless Cars But What is Driving the Workforce 1 customer review
    The agenda and presentations from the 2017 Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) Conference, Driverless Car, What's Driving the Workforce.
  • Basic Electricity Course No Rating Yet
    The Basic Electricity course provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of electricity.
  • Beat the Heat Lesson Plans for Ages 11 - 14 No Rating Yet
    Students learn about environmental issues like the greenhouse effect by conducting chemical investigations in the lab, doing research, taking surveys, and speaking to experts.
  • Beyond Traffic-2045 No Rating Yet
    Report from the U.S. DOT that presents and analyzes the long-term and emerging trends that will shape the U.S. transportation system.
  • Connected Vehicle (Sphero) Programming Activity for Grades 9-12 1 customer review
    A hands-on programming exercise for grades 9-12 using a Sphero robot to demonstrate Connected Vehicle (CV) ideas. Continue to the bottom of the page for the Resource Link.
  • Creating With Technology Lesson Plans for Ages 15 - 18 No Rating Yet
    A teacher’s guide that supports the Intel® Galieleo Gen 2 microcontroller development board for classroom teaching and learning. Continue to the link at the bottom of the page.
  • Electric Car Video Lesson No Rating Yet
    An educational video describing how new technology is driving development of the electric car and related public policy.
  • Electric Car, American Industry and Innovation Science Lesson Plan No Rating Yet
    Students will become familiar with how an electric car and a car with an internal combustion engine work. Continue to the bottom of the page for Resource Link.
  • Exploratory Design and Engineering II Course for 7th – 9th Grade Students No Rating Yet
    Exploratory Design and Engineering II will be a project-based course for 7th – 9th grade students which will focus on skills in math, science, technology, and engineering as it applies to electric vehicles. The course will provide students with basic fundamentals and an appreciation for electronics, sources of energy, and mechanical design.