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  • 2009 State of Michigan Green Jobs Report No Rating Yet
    This report was the first of its kind to analyze the green job market in MI (3% of workforce) through an analytical (industrial and occupational trends), qualitative (focus groups), and quantitative (employer survey) approach. It’s concluded that the MI green job market has further potential and is growing despite an economic downturn.
  • 2015 North American Light Vehicle Aluminum Content Study No Rating Yet
    A report presenting the aluminum content of products in 2015 and the projections for 2025.
  • 2016 CAAT Conference – The Road to Autonomous Vehicles 1 customer review
    This resource contains the agenda and presentations from the 2016 Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) Conference - The Road to Autonomous Vehicles. This conference took place on May 6, 2016 at Macomb Community College’s South Campus in Warren, MI and was attended by 144 individuals representing various high schools, community colleges, and universities as well as multiple government agencies, professional organizations, and industry workforce representatives.
  • 2016 CAR Management Briefing Seminars No Rating Yet
    This resource contains presentations from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) 2016 Management Briefing Seminars held August 1-4, 2016. With attendees from industry, government, the financial community, media, and academia, the event featured outstanding presentations from industry thought leaders as well as various networking and social events. Using CAR research as a foundation, these seminars revolved around the most important issues facing the automotive industry today.
  • 2017 CAAT Conference Driverless Cars But What is Driving the Workforce 1 customer review
    The agenda and presentations from the 2017 Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) Conference, Driverless Car, What's Driving the Workforce.
  • 2018 Self-Driving Safety Report No Rating Yet
    General Motors’ approach to safely putting self-driving cars on the roads in 2019.
  • 2019 CAAT Conference - Is Electrification the Future 1 customer review

    The 2019 conference addressed the societal changes and technology advancements that have led to electric vehicle development and acceptance. Presentations were made on educational and curriculum requirements necessary for creating the supporting workforce.  Continue to the bottom of the page for the Resource Link.

  • 30 Hour OSHA General Industry Safety Certification Program Geared Towards Advanced Energy Manufacturing 2 customer reviews
    A course created by Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), through seed funding from the CAAT, to train workers for entry level positions in the advanced energy manufacturing industry.
  • A Matter of Trust - Ford’s Approach To Developing Self-Driving Vehicles No Rating Yet
    A report from the Ford Motor Company regarding their commitment to prioritize safety in the manufacture and testing of self-driving vehicles. Continue to the bottom of the page for the Resource Link.
  • A Primer on the Connected Vehicle Environment No Rating Yet
    This Primer has been developed to provide an overview of the connected vehicle environment and to discuss some of the larger issues that pertain to the overall environment or ecosystem as some have called it– things that make connected vehicle unique from other ITS solutions.