The State of Industry X in Automotive

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This project presents an ecosystem approach to Industry X research. Industry X is a massive, complex, and rapidly evolving sector that requires the expertise of the past to get to the tech-savvy future.


Industry X: Talent Process Implementation

Industry X requires the legacy skills of the current workforce in addition to the tech-savvy and visionary outlook of the younger generation.  This report gives key insights as to where the automotive industry stands, what the trouble spots are, and proposes ways forward that will take advantage of the full spectrum of skills the workforce has to offer.

Starting on page 18, the report highlights:

Knowledge and Skills
Human Resource Skills to Acquire
Human Resource Skills to Improve
Workforce Change
Industry Technology/Operations Technology
Employee 'Buy-in'
Skills Gaps
Talent Attraction and Retention

Connected and Automated Vehicles
Grid Interface (Power and Communications)
HEV/EV System Technologies (HEV, EV, and Plug-in HEV)
Product Lifecycle:
Pre-production: Research, Design, Development, Testing, and Tooling
Production: Manufacturing, Assembly, and Operations
Post-production: Service, Reuse, and Recycling
Resource Type:
Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
Author & Title:
Brett Smith Eric Paul Dennis, P.E. Shashank Modi Emeka Nriagu
Date Developed:
Thursday, January 07, 2021
Manufacturing,production,technology,digital technology,advanced automotive technology,workforce
Education Level:
Undergrad Students (13-14)
Undergrad Students (15-16)
Industry Professionals/Practitioners