Advancing Data Utility While Mitigating Privacy Risk

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A fact sheet describing the method to limit risk of traveler identification using a combination of map data and information theory. Continue to the bottom of the page for the Resource Link.

Transportation safety and mobility applications rely on time-sequenced location data. There is a risk of unauthorized parties using this on time-sequenced location data to discover an individual's travel patterns.

The United States Federal Highway Administration is developing tools and practices that manage privacy risk while maintaining the utility of time-sequenced location data. The data will be used for the research and development of innovative applications to improve safety, mobility, and environmental protection.
Connected and Automated Vehicles
Integration, Networking, and Communications
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Pre-production: Research, Design, Development, Testing, and Tooling
Post-production: Service, Reuse, and Recycling
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ITS Joint Program Office USDOT Office of the Secretary of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
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Ariel Gold, Data Program Manager
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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