Go-Go Gadget Lesson Plans for Ages 8 - 10

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Elementary students put their knowledge of simple machines to the test as they create new, labor-saving machines. Suitable for grade levels 3-5.

Students study the concepts of force, motion, and work as they analyze simple machine in complex machines. They track the transfer of force from input (effort) to output (work). Students collect, organize, represent, and analyze data from a human automation investigation using spreadsheet software.

In a design challenge, students become inventors and identify work they want to perform. Then, they invent labor-saving machines to do the jobs. The design steps of planning, drafting, constructing, troubleshooting, and reliability testing are followed.

Students will create advertisements for their gadgets after completing all the assignments.

• Subjects: Science, Math
• Key Learnings: Simple Machines, Compound Machines, Mechanical Design
• Time Needed: 4-5 weeks, 45 min lesson, 3x per week Plan Materials Include:
• Gadget unit plan
• Gadget glossary
• Gadget design project planner
• Gadget research
• Gadget simple machines assessment
• Gadget investigation data
• Gadget creativity self-assessment
• Gadget advertisement rubric
Product Lifecycle:
Pre-production: Research, Design, Development, Testing, and Tooling
Production: Manufacturing, Assembly, and Operations
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Classroom Activity
Lab Activity
Lesson Plan
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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
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Elementary School (1-5)