Cyberattacks Against Intelligent Transportation Systems

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The types of cyber activity that could threaten the fully automated, online, integrated transportation system of tomorrow.

What it would take to secure and protect the physical and cyber infrastructure of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Three broad types of attacks that threaten an ITS are identified: Network attacks, Wireless attacks, and Physical attacks.

Network attacks pose the most serious threat to ITS, followed by wireless attacks and then physical attacks. Because each category of attack overlaps the other two, the attack vectors can fluidly transition from one category to the next. Different categories of attacks can be chained together to successfully compromise the ITS devices and systems.
Connected and Automated Vehicles
Integration, Networking, and Communications
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Trend Micro
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Numaan Huq, Rainer Vosseler, and Morton Swimmer Trend Micro Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) Team
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Monday, December 04, 2017
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