2017 WSU Advanced Automotive Technology Professional Development Course

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The Wayne State University (WSU) Advanced Automotive Technology professional development workshop held on July 11-12, 2017.

There is surplus of unfilled jobs in new automotive technologies due to a lack of skilled employees. The Advanced Automotive Technology workshop was created by WSU to familiarize instructors on current Industry developments that have created these new jobs. 

The workshop was held on July 10 through 11, 2017, at the WSU Advanced Technology Education Center (ATEC). 

Instructors from high schools, community colleges, universities and four year colleges learned about the following subjects: 

• Fundamentals of Fuel-Cell Systems for Vehicles 

• Cooperative Connected Vehicles, featuring 
  Dedicated Short Range Communication for V2V and V2I   

• Lightweight Materials for Automotive Applications
Advanced Combustion Engine Technology
Alternative Fuels and Lubricants
Connected and Automated Vehicles
Energy Storage and Battery Technology
Grid Interface (Power and Communications)
Fuel Cells/Hydrogen
Integration, Networking, and Communications
Materials Lightweighting
Product Lifecycle:
Pre-production: Research, Design, Development, Testing, and Tooling
Post-production: Service, Reuse, and Recycling
Resource Type:
Wayne State University
Author & Title:
Dr. Jimmy C. Chen, WSU, Dr. Gene Liao, WSU, Dr. Radoven Muicic, WSU
Date Developed:
Wednesday, July 12, 2017
automotive,autonomous,cooperative connected vehicles,dedicated short range communications,fuel cells,hybrid vehicles,hydrogen,lightweighting,mobility
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Industry Professionals/Practitioners