Energy Center with Electric Charging Stations: Smart Grid Integrated Technology

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An innovative, bimodal facility used to educate students in renewable energy, smart grid integration, and installation and maintenance of EV charging stations.


Specific deliverables from the CAAT seed grant utilizing the Craig Porter Energy center

  • Funding was used to complete the "Off Grid" Energy Center with electric EV/PHEV charging stations
  • The Energy Center hosted K-12 summer camps and field trips in collaboration with Purdue University, including the Purdue Summer Energy Academy
  • The Energy Center hosted multiple tours for educators, business owners, and local residents to increase education regarding alternative and renewable energy.
  • The Energy Center hosted Energy Day, supporting program demonstrations in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies
  • Courses on sustainable energy will continue to meet at the Energy Center and utilize its resources. The students can complete hands-on activities at the center, including special projects in the areas of energy technology and hybrid and electric vehicles. For example students helped to install electric vehicle charging stations powered by off-grid energy
  • The facility is a valuable regional resource that will continue to be used by the college to promote the use of sustainable, renewable energy.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1003032.

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Electric Machines and Power Electronics
Energy Storage and Battery Technology
Grid Interface (Power and Communications)
HEV/EV System Technologies (HEV, EV, and Plug-in HEV)
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Post-production: Service, Reuse, and Recycling
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Ivy Tech Community College
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John Roudebush, Program Chair
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Electric Charging Stations,Energy Center,EV Charging Stations,Renewable Energy,Smart Grid Integration
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Undergrad Students (13-14)
Undergrad Students (15-16)
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