December 05, 2022
12/5/2022 - 12/5/2022

Join us as the industry’s leaders come together to share their stories, strategies and key takeaways around why and how they are partnering for sustainable success.

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Location: One Campus Martius, Detroit

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December 07, 2022
12/7/2022 - 12/7/2022

We are pleased to invite CAR audience members and CAR Affiliates to attend an interactive panel discussion and workshop in San Ramon, CA. This CAR workshop will explore the current EV Charging landscape in the U.S. and identify how stakeholders can work to address challenges and identify solutions to ensure a successful EV charging ecosystem.

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Location: San Ramon, CA

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January 05, 2023
1/5/2023 - 1/8/2023

CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.

This is where the world's biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES features every aspect of the tech sector.


Location: Las Vegas, NV & Virtual

Target Audience: Educators;General Public;Industry Professionals and Practitioners;Researchers;Students

February 24, 2023
2/24/2023 - 2/26/2023

Also known as America's Greatest Hot Rod Show, is a showcase of custom cars and hot rods.

The Detroit Autorama is best known as home to the Don Ridler Memorial Award, which is presented to the "best in show" at each year's event

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Location: Huntington Place - Cobo, Detroit, MI

Target Audience: General Public

March 06, 2023
3/6/2023 - 3/7/2023

The Premier Forum for Battery Technologies for Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

Welcome to the Electric Vehicles BATTERY TECH USA 2023 Exhibition and Conference, where electric vehicle battery technology innovators will meet with leading automotive manufacturers to explore new battery technologies and battery management systems for use in next-generation electric vehicles.

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Location: Hyatt Regency Orange County, CA

Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

April 24, 2023
4/24/2023 - 4/27/2023

The ITS America Annual Meeting is a meeting place for our community of intelligent transportation professionals to network, connect, and form the partnerships this environment requires. This event will bring together the entire intelligent transportation community for four (4) days of thought-provoking education, networking, technical tours, and demonstrations exploring products, emerging technologies, and solutions that will enable a better future transformed by intelligent mobility. Join other transportation leaders and influencers as we discuss and explore the deployment of intelligent transportation technologies that saves lives, improves mobility, promotes sustainability, and increases efficiency and productivity.

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Location: Dallas, TX

Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

May 21, 2023
5/21/2023 - 5/23/2023

21434 Compliance & Technology Focus

With the vehicle manufacturing industry becoming more and more electrified, connected, and technology focused, cybersecurity continues to be a growing concern for automotive manufacturers. The EV and AV evolution is bringing a whole new set of challenges, especially from an EV charging point of view. How to achieve compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and how to implement it efficiently and cost-effectively is a major challenge. And managing and securing vast supply chain and vendor ecosystem is adding a level of complexity and security risk that has not been seen or experienced before.

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Location: Ann Arbor - Dearborn, MI

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May 21, 2023
5/21/2023 - 5/23/2023

Connected vehicles are already a reality. Right now, almost all vehicles are connected – however, vehicle manufacturers are currently on year two- or three of a ten-year journey, with declared ambitions to make billions of dollars in revenue from connected services by the end of the decade or mid-2030.

Designed through extensive consultation with Directors, Heads of and Senior Managers of Connectivity from Michigan’s OEM, Tier-1 and Tier-2 companies, the Connected Vehicles 2023 event is designed to encourage companies to align in a non-competitive space, with thought-leadership Presentations from OEMs, Tier-1s, and multiple parts of the ecosystem, including telecommunication companies and vendors building connectivity and infrastructure solutions.

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Location: Detroit MI

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DMA Fall Conference: Technical Career Pathways and Options – Putting the T in STEM

Continuing Technical Education (CTE) is key to filling a great number of openings in todays economy. A CTE experience prepares students for opportunities in various career pathways. The conference will highlight CTE  success stories as well as pointing out currently  available best practices. The keynote speaker will be Mandi Damman who is Chief Engineer for Autonomous Vehicles at General Motors.  More...

Location: Mott Community College, Flint MI
Target Audience: Educators