• Advanced Engine Technologies

    Source: U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office: Advanced Combustion Engines  

    Improving the efficiency of internal combustion engines is one of the most promising and cost-effective near- to mid-term approaches to increasing highway vehicles' fuel economy. The Vehicle Technologies Office's research and development activities address critical barriers to commercializing higher efficiency, very low emissions advanced internal combustion engines for passenger and commercial vehicles. This technology has great potential to reduce U.S. petroleum consumption, resulting in greater economic, environmental, and energy security.

    Already offering outstanding drivability and reliability to over 230 million passenger vehicles, internal combustion engines have the potential to become substantially more efficient. Initial results from laboratory engine tests indicate that passenger vehicle fuel economy can be improved by more than up to 50 percent, and some vehicle simulation models estimate potential improvements of up to 75 percent. Engineers are working to improve internal combustion engines to utilize renewable fuels, to combined with hybrid electric powertrains, and improve overall engine performance.

    Some of the advanced engine technologies are shown below:

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