• Electric Vehicle Technology Certificate Programs

    Currently, there are over 4 million hybrid and electric vehicles on the road in the United States. In 2016, manufacturers offered 30 hybrid electric vehicles, 17 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and 13 fully-electric vehicles. By 2020, the world-wide electric vehicle value chain will likely be greater than $250 billion (Source: World Bank Study). Energy prices, environmental concerns and fuel economy targets are driving the demand for hybrid and electric vehicle technicians now and into the future.

    Two Electric Vehicle Technology Certificate programs, one in product development, and the other in service, prepare individuals, including unemployed and underemployed persons, with the fundamental skills and abilities for careers in these fields. These certificate programs are sequences of technical and professional courses that are industry focused and designed for workforce preparation. These courses may also apply toward other technical certificates and associate degree programs.

      Volt Plant 2013
    The MCC EV Cohort at the Volt assembly plant in Hamtramck, MI.

    A documentary about the Electric Vehicle Technology Certificate at Macomb
  • Electric Vehicle Development Technology Certificate 

    The Electric Vehicle Development Technology Certificate prepares students for employment in electric vehicle product development and manufacturing occupations such as:

    • Development technician
    • Electrical test technician
    • Mechanical testing technician
    • Manufacturing technician
    • Sales support
    • Service

    This one-year program has been offered by Macomb Community College since January 2013 emphasizing laboratory skills and a project-based experience. Courses include:

    • Automotive Systems
    • Introduction to Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems
    • Electronics Technology I
    • Electronic Technology II
    • Introduction to Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems
    • Motors and Controls for Electric Vehicles and Industrial Applications
    • Electric Vehicle Data Acquisition, Sensors and Control Systems
    • Advanced Energy Storage
    • Technical Math - RCL Analysis 

    For more information on this program, call Sharlene Kroneck in career services at (586) 445-7993, email us at CAAT@macomb.edu, download an informational flyer, or visit its Facebook page.

    Automotive & Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Technology (Service) Certificate

    The Automotive and Electric Vehicle Technology (Service) Certificate prepares students for employment in automotive service technician occupations working with electric and hybrid vehicle technologies such as:

    • Electric and hybrid vehicle service technician
    • Development technician
    • Battery service technician
    • Electrical test technician
    • First line supervisor
    • Installer/Repairer
    • Parts manager

    This one-year program will be offered by Ivy Tech Community College (Indiana state-wide community college system) beginning January, 2013, emphasizing laboratory skills and a project-based experience. Courses include:  

    • Principles of Alternative/Renewable Energies
    • Introduction to Automotive
    • Engine Fundamentals
    • Engine Performance I
    • Electrical and Electronic I
    • Electrical and Electronic II
    • Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technologies
    • Advanced Hybrid Vehicle and Electric Technologies

    For more information on this program, call Eric Erskin, Ivy Tech Automotive Program, at 765-269-5155, email Eric at eerskin@ivytech.edu, or download an informational flyer.

    The Electronic Vehicle Technology Certificate Programs described above are just two of a portfolio of innovative one-year certificate programs being designed by the National STEM Consortium (NSC) to respond to regional industry needs and (re)train workers for high-demand, mid-skill technical careers.   For more information on STEM one-year certificate programs and to learn more about the NSC, please visit www.NationalSTEM.org.