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Automotive Technology
 - Vehicle Development Technician

Take your interest in the automotive industry to the next level with Macomb's Associate Degree:
Automotive Technology - Vehicle Development Technician

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May 1 & 2

The Vehicle Development Technician (VDT) program develops the skills, knowledge and abilities required for entry-level positions in the automotive industry.  Students successfully completing this program will have the technical skills required to assist engineers in the development of electro-mechanical systems for the next generation of safe, efficient, intelligent vehicles.

The automobile is an increasingly complex product controlled by a computer.  For technicians working on these vehicles, a new versatile set is required.  Auto companies and suppliers are looking for a combination of technical skills for product development in electrified and automated/connected vehicles and experimental vehicle testing.

Macomb's VDT program uniquely blends aspects of mechanical, electronic, and software skills to give students specific expertise to work in the engineering and development areas of the automotive industry.

Vehicle Development Technicians:

  • Develop the next generation of safe, efficient, and intelligent vehicles
  • Work on electronic and network components
  • Set up experimental testing
  • Manipulate systems for prototype vehicles
  • Acquire and report critical data sets

Automotive Technology-Vehicle Development Technician Program

Course # Course Title Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4
Semester 1
AUTO 1000 Automotive Systems 3
TMTH 1150 RCL Analysis 4
ELEC 1161 Electronic Technology 1 3
ELEC 1171 Electronic Technology 2 3
GEN ED Group 1.A(AAS, ABA) Variable Credit Hours 3-4
Semester 2
AUTO 1040 Automotive Electrical  I 3
AUTO 1200 Automotive Engines 3
ELEC 1211 Digital Electronics Basics 3
ITCS 1140 Introduction to Program Design & Development 4
GEN ED Group II (AAS, ABA) Variable Credit Hours (Recommend PHYS 1180) 2-4
Semester 3
AUTO 1050 Automotive Electrical II 3
AUTO 1130 Automotive Steering & Suspension 3
ELEC 2150 LabVIEW Basics I 3
ITNT 1500 Principles of Networking 3
AUTO 1100 Automotive Brake Systems 4
Semester 4
PRDE 1250 Basic Blueprint Reading 2
ELEC 2310 Vehicle Experimental Testing 4
AUTO 2000 Connected, Automated & Intelligent Vehicles 3
GEN ED Group III (AAS, ABA)  Variable Credit Hours (Recommend ECON 1160) 2-4
GEN ED Group IV (AAS, ABA) Variable Credit Hours 2-4
Total Credits: 16-17 15-17 16 13-17

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