Advanced Automotive Technology Courses in Michigan

Adv Tech courses

The demand for trained technicians and engineering technologists in advanced automotive technologies is immediate and growing. Educational programs to prepare for these opportunities span from high school preparation to master’s degree automotive technology programs.  Autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and alternative fuels all demand new skill sets.

Cybersecurity is of significant importance to the automotive industry as cars become increasingly connected to the outside world through wireless technologies that expose their control systems to hackers. Because automakers and suppliers are racing to develop and install more advanced driver assistance systems and introduce drivers to self-driving vehicles, automotive technicians will need to know the basic principles of automotive cybersecurity.

Autonomous vehicles require an integrated and overlapping skill-set combining mechanical and electrical, computer and communications.  Rather than separate specializations, schools are combining the fundamentals of the technologies to train the technicians and engineers the autonomous cars require.

Alternative fuels offer cleaner energy and have the advantage of being made in the United States. Vehicles using alternative fuels require the vehicle to incorporate additional technologies, and require new skill-sets for technicians and engineers.

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