• Electric Vehicle Technology classroom


    The CAAT partners with the automotive industry to identify educational needs and job opportunities. The demand for trained technicians and engineering technologists in advanced automotive technologies is immediate and growing. Educational programs to prepare for these opportunities span from high school preparation, to master’s degree automotive technology programs.

    To prepare students for these positions at the associate level the CAAT, partnering with industry, has helped develop a Vehicle Engineering Technician degree, and FCA's Automotive Manufacturing Program. We also helped develop several electric vehicle technology certificate programs. In addition to creating these programs, we support several Student Activities and continue to update our Advanced Automotive Technology Courses in Michigan to help students find courses in:

    In order to aid students in finding the job(s) they are interested in we’ve developed a Career Pathways chart. This chart allows students to view different educational pathways starting at the high school level and leads all the way to the master’s degree level. Included at each level are links to the program’s website, potential jobs after completion, and starting salaries.