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    A collection of podcasts on advanced automotive technologies.

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    Hot Topics - EV Market Growth, Supply/Demand

    On this episode of the CAR Podcast, we discuss electrification, market growth and OEM strategies. We then get into new and used vehicle supply and demand, and how are we going to handle all of those vehicles sitting on the lots. Finally, BlueCruise vs. Super Cruise.

    On The CAR Podcast, July 29, 2021

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    Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

    Dedicated entirely to driverless cars,we discuss the products, tech, law, policy, and societal impacts of self driving cars, what I call the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution.

    The CAR Podcast

    Join host and Center for Automotive Research CEO Carla Bailo as she discusses the latest news from the automotive industry.

    Daily Drive

    Automotive News daily podcast series. We speak with industry experts, insiders and Automotive News reporters about events and trends impacting and reshaping the automotive industry.


    Driven captures and tells the stories of talent, innovation and emerging assets that are shaping the way the automtoive and tech industries are changing the way the world moves.

    dSPACE Learning Bits

    Topics related to embedded software development across different industries and applications – data-driven software development for autonomous vehicles, over-the-air radar testing, virtual validation, MIL, SIL and HIL testing, and so much more.

    Mobility Podcast

    The podcast about mobility, technology, and people.

    Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work

    To enable the ATE Community to collaborate regionally with industry partners, within and across disciplines, on the transformation of associate degree programs to prepare US technicians for the work of the future.

    Remarkable Results Radio

    Where the voices, ideas and insights that are shaping the future of the automotive aftermarket reside.

    Shift: A Podcast About Mobility

    Shift is the mobility-focused podcast from Automotive News. Every other week, we take a look at what's next for transportation -- whether it's autonomous cars, ridesharing services, or new automotive business models.

    Traffic Technology International Podcast

    Each episode we will feature an interview with a major industry player, along with news and chat. We will help keep you up to date with the latest industry developments in traffic management, intelligent transportation systems and tolling.

    Wisco Weekly

    New business models for the mobility of people and goods. We feature critical thinkers representing private & public sectors.