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Proposal for New AV Levels

Japan is laying the foundation to prepare for Level 3+ autonomous vehicles in 2020 by letting drivers-not-driving to use their cell phones. Meanwhile, a new proposal for the various levels of autonomy — currently SAE’s five levels — imagines a rather binary solution, i.e., a car either is or isn’t autonomous. And, Waymo starts selling its adorably named “Laser Bear Honeycomb” lidar to third parties.

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

March 18, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles

Design the Car to Fit the Environment

Geoff Wardle is a well known person and personality in the automotive space. He’s given a TEDx talk, co-authored car design books, and has spoken at several different events about car designs, the environment, and transportation mobility. He has experience as a professional vehicle designer across four continents which includes British Leyland, Chrysler UK, International Automotive Design, SAAB, Ford Australia, Tatra, and TVS Motors in India.

Wisco Weekly

February 6, 2019

Design, Mobility

Interview: Matthew Gibb, Chairman, The NEXT Education

A very special episode today as we welcome to the show Matthew Gibb, Chairman of The NEXT Education, to discuss connectivity in an autonomous vehicle world, including 5G; geo-fenced deployment; and much more besides! With a fascinating background spanning law, government, and the telecomms industry, this is an interview you absolutely don’t want to miss!

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

March 5, 2019

Education, Autonomous Vehicles, Connectivity

Air Traffic Control for Cars

The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) has an idea to help lower AV testing costs by utilizing remote human operators. Also, Amazon finally invests in an autonomous vehicle startup; given 5G’s limited range, how will it be deployed to benefit AVs without coverage dead zones?

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

February 8, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles

A Grant That Supports Automotive Education - First of Its Kind

Preserving high school programs with products, tools, and resources, instructor training, advisory groups, and speakers.

Remarkable Results Radio

February 8, 2019


SPECIAL: Legal Standards for AVs

I was invited by TuckerEllis, LLP (@TuckerEllis) to join two of their attorneys on their podcast “Driverless” (@_Driverless), in which we deep dive into a broad discussion on various legal issues surrounding autonomous vehicles, including a fascinating focus on the legal standards to which autonomous cars should be held when things inevitably go wrong.

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

February 1, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles, Legal Issues

The Road Ahead for AV Policy in 2019

As we head into the 116th Congress, SAFE Greg, Pete, and BB&K Greg do a short postmortem review of AV START/SELF DRIVE, discuss the latest AV happenings at USDOT, and ponder the prospects for AV legislation this year.

Mobility Podcast

January 28, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles

AVs for Elderly & Disabled Mobility

We discuss a deeply moving and inspiring email from a listener pushing for autonomous vehicles for people with disabilities; I respond to another listeners’ questions; and we talk about autonomous scooters.

Autonomous Cars with Mark Hoag

January 22, 2019

Autonomous Vehicles, Accessibility, Mobility

Malcom Glenn, Head of Global Policy, Accessibility, and Underserved Communities at Uber

In this episode we sat down with Malcom Glenn, Head of Global Policy, Accessibility, and Underserved Communities at Uber, to discuss how the company is working to address inequities in the nation’s transportation network - with a particular emphasis on accessibility.

Mobility Podcast

December 19, 2018

Mobility, Accessibility

Automotive Careers Start in High School and in the Home!

We, as a collective aftermarket, need to stop talking about the need for quality automotive training and the technician shortage and get involved. The schools are there for industry. Superintendents and presidents need to hear from industry. A good advisory board will make a huge difference in the quality of instruction, investment from the school and placement of students.

Remarkable Results Radio

October 3, 2018

Technicians, Education

AAPEXedu 2018 The Road To Great Technicians – Roundtable

A fundamentally valuable discussion as we get ready to deal with the tsunami of seeding our industry with our future technicians that will have the competencies necessary to perform mechanical and diag work and the need to develop career paths for every level of technician.

Remarkable Results Radio

November 27, 2018

Technicians, Education

Engaging Kids in the Automotive

This episode is a call to action to step up and get involved in your high school or college advisory boards and your community. Stop by a school and offer your help to the instructors or department chair or speak to your local rotary, PTA or career day. I guarantee they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Remarkable Results Radio

December 5, 2018

Technicians, Education

Understanding the Industrial IoT and its Cybersecurity Implications

Implementing industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices can help improve efficiency and boost worker safety, but – no big surprise – it also comes with potential cybersecurity challenges. In this podcast, three experts from the IBM IBV discuss the growing cybersecurity impact of IIoT adoption and the findings of their two new reports, "Automotive Industrial Internet of Things: Quick to Implement, Slow to Secure" and "Industrial Internet of Things Cybersecurity: As Strong as Its Weakest Link”.

Security Intelligence Podcast

October 25, 2018

Cybersecurity, Internet of Things

Sherif Marakby, President & CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

After more than a century of building "traditional" automobiles, Ford Motor Company is now exploring new forms of mobility including autonomous vehicles, e-scooters, and bikes.SAFE Greg chats with Sherif Marakby, President & CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, about Ford's AV pilots in Miami and DC, as well as how Ford is attempting to build a business case for AVs ahead of time.

Mobility Podcast

November 21, 2018

Connected Vehicles, Mobility

A Global Perspective on Connected Vehicles

featuring Scott McCormick, CVTA

Scott McCormick, President of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA), travels the world to speak at industry conferences and is surrounded by the biggest players in automotive, technology, and transportation. In this episode, Scott shares information from the top companies and politicians, forging ideas and debating issues to bring about a connected vehicle future.

Wisco Weekly

November 14, 2018

Connected and Automated Vehicles

Shailen Bhatt, ITS America

What is ITS today? In this episode we sat down with Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO of ITS America, to discuss connected vehicles, public/private collaboration on lifesaving technology, and issues pertaining to state/local transportation technologies.

Mobility Podcast

November 5, 2018

Connected Vehicles, Mobility

Special Guest: Elaina Farnsworth

Today, Elaina Farnsworth, CEO of The NEXT Education (, on her mission to educate and empower the world's talent for this new era of autonomous and connected mobility.

Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag

November 9, 2018