Northwest Engineering and Vehicle Technology Exchange - NEVTEX


Central Oregon Community College (COCC) and Rio Hondo College (RHC) are working together to develop curriculum and training standards for technicians in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), electric vehicle (EV), and Fuel Cell (FC) vehicle systems.

While national training and licensure standards have been in place for many years for combustion engine technologies, this is not the case for electric drive and hydrogen fuel based technologies. There is a dearth of trained technicians to work at repair facilities, and licensure policies are not in place. NEVTEX has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF / ATE Grant Award # 1700708) to begin to address these needs by partnering with industrial and educational representatives to obtain input and assistance to develop (1) new approaches to prepare an advanced technologies workforce, (2) licensure procedures and policies to ensure the safety of technicians, their employers, and clients, and (3) collaboration between educational and industrial partners in the development of new standards and practices.

The Center for Advanced Automotive Technology at Macomb Community College in Michigan has been selected by NEVTEX to assist in the process of disseminating NEVTEX resources. All NEVTEX resources will be available on the CAAT’s NEVTEX page for viewing and downloading, and will be included in the CAAT Tracks newsletter.

Vehicle Electrification Systems Standards

  1. Vehicle Level Vehicle Electrification High Voltage System Architectures

  2. High Voltage Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

    1. Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Terminology
    2. High Voltage Wire and Cable
    3. High Voltage Components: Labels and Identification
    4. High Voltage Electrical Measurement Equipment
    5. High Voltage Electrical Gloves: In-Service Care and Inspection
  3. High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems

    1. Introduction to High Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems
    2. Manual/Service Disconnect Systems
    3. High Voltage Interlock Systems
    4. High Voltage Bus Discharge Systems
    5. High Voltage Isolation Fault Detection Systems
  4. High Voltage Battery Pack System

  5. 3-Phase Drive Motors and Generators

  6. Electric Transmissions and Drive Units

  7. 3-Phase Power Inverter Systems and Controls

  8. DC-DC Converter Systems

  9. On-Board High Voltage Battery Charging Systems

  10. Vehicle Cabin HVAC Systems

  11. High Voltage Battery and Charging HVAC Systems

  12. Regenerative Braking Systems

Fuel Cell Standards

  1. Vehicle Level Vehicle Electrification High Voltage System Architectures

  2. Hydrogen Safety and Personal Protection Equipment

  3. Hydrogen Storage

  4. Fuel Cell Air Systems

  5. Fuel Cell Stack

  6. Fuel Cell Cooling Systems