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    Welcome to the CAAT Resource Library. The library offers free educational resources on the following:

    Adv Auto Tech Class
    • Alternative Fuels
    • Advanced Engine Technologies
    • Connected and Automated Vehicles
    • Energy Storage and Battery Technologies
    • Energy Policy
    • Smart Grid Interface
    • Material Lightweighting
    • Vehicle Electrification Systems and Technologies

    We house a wide variety of educational materials from classroom activities, curriculum, homework, labs, lesson plans, presentations, reports, and studies to complete modules and courses offered at community colleges and universities. All materials are classified using our technology categories. Visit the  Technologies section for more information on the classifications. Many of our resources originate from courses that are part of an automotive, engineering, or specific electric/hybrid electric vehicle curriculum at regional community colleges and universities. If you’re an educator and wish to share your materials in our library, please use the Submit a Resource tab. Although all resources are free of charge, they are under a Creative Commons non-commercial 3.0 license. Please see our Use of Materials tab for correct citation.