• February 21, 2018

    Toyota's motor magnets replace rare-earth materials like Neodymium, dysprosium and terbium, potentially reducing production costs and future shortages

    February 18, 2018

    The added weight, electricity demand and aerodynamic drag of the sensors & computers are significant contributors to their greenhouse gas emissions.

    February 17, 2018

    Phantom Auto technology takes over the autonomous car's controls when they may become confused or stuck. 

    March 01, 2018
    3/1/2018 - 3/1/2018

    The global automotive regulatory climate is diverging, with roughly two-thirds of the world’s car markets making an effort to shift away from internal combustion engines (ICEs), while the other third takes a much more restrained pathway.

    This free 60-minute webinar, presented by Brett Smith of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) will highlight regional differences, and discuss how this market bifurcation may play out.

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    Location: online

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    March 06, 2018
    3/6/2018 - 3/6/2018

    This interactive session will seek participant feedback on the types of advanced technologies and deployment information that future deployment tracking surveys should collect. Learn more

    Location: Online

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    March 08, 2018
    3/8/2018 - 3/8/2018

    Topics covered include the latest in ADAS technologies, V2X real-world applications, and vehicle architecture for ADAS and autonomous driving, as well as progression to real-time machine-made decisions and machine learning. 

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    Location: Online

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    March 27, 2018
    3/27/2018 - 3/27/2018

    This webinar will briefly show how to use data from the ITS costs, benefits, and lessons learned databases to plan, justify, and evaluate your next ITS project. Learn more

    Location: Online

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    April 12, 2018
    4/12/2018 - 4/12/2018

    Similar in format to the Southeastern Michigan Automotive Teachers Association (SEMATA) conference, this free conference offers technical training sessions, a trade show, raffles, and live demos.  This event provides NATEF training hours, and includes a complimentary continental breakfast and lunch.

    To RSVP contact Allyne Quatrine at 248-816-5199.

    Location: Lansing Community College

    Target Audience: Educators

    April 30, 2018
    4/30/2018 - 4/30/2018

    The 2018 Technology in Industry Report’s key takeaways and a panel discussion featuring leading industry experts and academic researchers. An in-depth discussion on Industry 4.0’s current state of the art, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities and implications for industry.

    Connect with hundreds of technology and manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs over strolling breakfast as you share first-hand experiences and rethink industry through interaction with colleagues, customers and competitors. Register

    Location: Detroit Institute of Arts, Great Hall

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

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