• September 20, 2018

    Siemens will provide $1m in Intelligent Traffic Systems infrastructure software, and engineering for connected autonomous vehicle testing at the ACM.

    September 19, 2018

    Bigger cars are better for autonomous vehicle services; moving people and goods requires a high roof and easy entry & exit type of vehicle. 

    September 17, 2018

    ChargePoint's commitment to add 50 times more to their charging network underscores their mission to enable an electric mobility future.

    September 12, 2018

    Cities and counties agreed to reduce greenhouse gases created by vehicles, by pledging to use EVs within their municipal fleets.

    September 10, 2018

    Electric car enthusiasts, and those interested in electric vehicle technologies, will have a chance to check out the latest tech at nationwide events.

    September 12, 2018

    The Hevo Inc. app for wireless EV car charging, receives power through an electromagnetic field and does not require post and wires.

    October 02, 2018
    10/2/2018 - 10/3/2018

    2018 Fall Professional Development Course

    Electric Drive Vehicle Technology

    The workshop is designed to provide fundamentals of electric-drive vehicle powertrain configurations, electric propulsion components, energy storage systems, power electronics and electric machines.  Learn more

    Location: Sinclair Community College

    Target Audience: Educators;Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    October 03, 2018
    10/3/2018 - 10/4/2018


    Location: Suburban Collection Showcase, Novi, Michigan

    Target Audience: Educators;Industry Professionals and Practitioners;Researchers

    October 04, 2018
    10/4/2018 - 10/4/2018

    This seminar provides 6 hours of NATEF training. FREE admission for Instructors. Complimentary breakfast and lunch TECHNICIAL TRAINING CLASSES, TRADE SHOW, LIVE DEMO’S!

    Location: Macomb Community College, South Campus, Bldg. M

    Target Audience: Educators;Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    October 09, 2018
    10/9/2018 - 10/11/2018

    Join engineers, systems developers, and business managers for two days of highly technical, high-caliber learning and ideas sharing on all of the technologies driving current and projected progress from driver-controlled vehicles to Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) to fully autonomous vehicles. for more information

    Location: Cobo Center, Detroit, MI

    Target Audience: Educators;Industry Professionals and Practitioners;Researchers

    October 15, 2018
    10/15/2018 - 10/18/2018

    The Course at the Global Epicenter of Connected Vehicle Research and Development

    Leading researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a ground-breaking four-day course on connected and automated vehicles (CAV). Learn about the latest concepts, CAV safety standards, and key challenges facing the industry, as well as new technologies and effective solutions being developed here in Ann Arbor. The course combines interactive classroom sessions with tours, demonstrations, simulations, and discussions in order to connect many aspects of CAV while providing a balanced and rewarding learning experience.  Learn More

    Location: Ann Arbor, MI

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    October 16, 2018
    10/16/2018 - 10/17/2018

    The most focused conference on the here and now of self-driving technology. As automated technologies storm the headlines, we focus on the current challenges and unite players from research labs, automakers, tier 1s and the complete supply chain to plan for the imminent future. Conference website

    Location: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan

    Target Audience: Industry Professionals and Practitioners

    October 23, 2018
    10/23/2018 - 10/25/2018

    With exclusive exhibitors showing nothing but the technologies and services that will help make autonomous vehicles a reality, and with three conferences dedicated to autonomous vehicle design, development and creation, Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi, Michigan, is a must-attend event for anyone working on autonomous vehicles. More...

    Location: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan

    Target Audience:

    November 02, 2018
    11/2/2018 - 11/2/2018

    Continuing Technical Education (CTE) is key to filling a great number of openings in todays economy. A CTE experience prepares students for opportunities in various career pathways. The conference will highlight CTE  success stories as well as pointing out currently  available best practices. The keynote speaker will be Mandi Damman who is Chief Engineer for Autonomous Vehicles at General Motors.  More...

    Location: Mott Community College, Flint MI

    Target Audience: Educators

    December 05, 2018
    12/5/2018 - 12/5/2018

    Students will learn about careers in automotive design, robotics, manufacturing, and the technology that makes it happen. For more information...

    Location: Macomb South Campus, Expo Center

    Target Audience: Educators;Students

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