• Seed Funding:
    Course Creation in Emerging Automotive Technologies

    As the automotive industry continues to advance technology, automotive technicians need to be ready to service and help design the electrified and automated vehicles of the future. To address this need, the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) offers seed funding to create new courses in emerging automotive technologies.

    Summary of CAAT Seed Funding Projects

    Seed Funding Projects summary

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    Current Seed Funding 

    Our newest seed funding project will create a new course called “Cybersecurity for Automotive Technicians”.  Kettering University has taken on this project, and we expect to have the results in July 2019.

    Stay tuned for new seed funding opportunities and Requests for Proposals this summer.

    Results of Past Seed Funding

    CAAT has completed 17 seed funding contracts as shown in the chart at the right. The emerging automotive technology areas include:

    • Automated and Connected Vehicles
    • Materials Lightweighting
    • Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) systems
    • Battery, electric drive motors, powertrains, and controls subsystems
    • Interface of plug-in electric vehicles to the power grid
    • Other alternate fuel propulsion systems (e.g. compressed natural gas, diesel, ethanol, hydrogen)