• Design and Manufacturing Alliance


    To encourage and foster communication, networking, and partnerships among design and manufacturing industry companies, their professional associations, government, and educators across Southeast Michigan.

    Strategic Direction

    The DMA supports educational networking with design and manufacturing organizations, their professional associations, and government offices to ensure accurate career information is available to students, and academic programs and curricula are developed that are appropriate to the skills required for the jobs that do (and will) exist in these industries.

    CAAT Takes the Lead

    It is with great excitement and some sadness that Jim Varty and I want to announce the next evolution of the Design and Manufacturing Alliance (DMA). As you know the DMA has been in hibernation for the last two years due to Covid. As we evaluated our various options to reengage, we realized that we could not return to the “good old days”. After much deliberation we decided that since the current missions of both the DMA and the Macomb Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) are compatible and synergistic, a merger into CAAT made sense.

    Working with Ben Cruz, the Director of CAAT, we have agreed to the following:

    • CAAT will continue to organize at least two DMA conferences a year in Southeast Michigan ie Oakland, Genesee and Macomb counties. The next DMA/CAAT conference is scheduled for September 30, 2022 - more details to come
    • CAAT will continue to support student and instructor tours
    • Sherri Doherty, Assistant Director of CAAT, will become the “point person” for the DMA within CAAT. She can be reached at 1-586-447-8618 or dohertys@macomb.edu

    I want to thank everyone (especially Jim Varty) for their help, support and participation over the last 12 years. It has been especially rewarding. The DMA was organized by Jim over 25 years ago, it's legacy will carry on through CAAT for years to come. Jim and I will still be available to support Sherri and the CAAT team as we transition DMA activities into CAAT. Please reach out to Sherri, Jim or me with any questions that you may have concerning this transition. Please feel free to share this announcement with others who may be interested.

    Keith W. Deyer

    Director, Design an Manufacturing Alliance (DMA)

    Previous Conferences

    Information about the various conferences provided by DMA and links to the information.

    2022 CAAT Conference

    September 30, 2022

    Macomb Community College

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    Sherri Doherty, Assistant Director, Center for Advanced Automotive Technology

    586/477-8618 | dohertys@macomb.edu

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