• Why CAAT at Macomb Community College?

    Located in the heart of the rejuvenated US auto industry, MCC is recognized as a leader in developing educational programming around the evolving fuel and energy technologies utilized by the auto industry. The CAAT is the result of collaboration between MCC and Wayne State University (WSU), to provide a spectrum of educational opportunities to meet the expanding workforce needs of the automotive industry in advanced automotive technology including materials lightweighting, automated and connected vehicles, and vehicle electrification. MCC and WSU are working with a number of local and regional partners to encourage the economic transformation of southeast Michigan and to build on the region's heritage as the hub of the global auto industry.

    The creation of the CAAT is one step in a series that MCC began more than five years ago to support the auto industry's push into alternative fuels and energy. MCC's objective is to provide students with the new skills required to align them with the needs of a continuously evolving, technology-driven automotive industry. This initiative is a major step forward in positioning its students and the region for continued industry leadership.

    Click the video below to learn how “Michigan put the world behind the wheel and continues to pursue innovations that redefine the auto industry.” 

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