• What Does the CAAT Do?

    The CAAT partners with industry, education, government, and professional organizations to support local economic development.  Through these partnerships, the CAAT identifies funding opportunities for the creation and adaptation of curricula in  advanced automotive technology programs.  The CAAT advances the preparation of students for careers in new and developing technologies through:

    • Establishment of seamless 2+2+2 educational pathways (high school to community college to university)
    • Integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts into high school curricula
    • Faculty professional development

    This website provides a forum for sharing:

    • Up-to-date educational resources for advanced automotive technology
    • Latest in green mobility technology and industry needs, events, and news
    • Monthly newsletter with updates on the CAAT, and related industry and education news and events
    • Professional development webinars for educators and industry

    In the News

    The Future Technician is a True Multi-Talent
    ADAPT - June 25, 2020
    Ben Cruz, director at Macomb Community College's Center for Advanced Automotive Technology, says that automotive education programs are becoming quickly adaptive to industry trends. Those changes, as Cruz discussed in Monday's story, are coming more quickly than previous generations. That's going to have big implications for repair shops and the institutions that teach their technicians.
    Why Big Changes in Vehicle Design Happen More Often
    ADAPT - June 22, 2020
    For most of the 20th century, when vehicles were made up of mostly mechanical parts, really big changes in vehicle design happened slowly and methodically. There might have been decades between design updates that made huge, lasting impacts. It isn't that way anymore. Ben Cruz, who directs the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology at Macomb Community College in Warren, Mich., sees this as the larger historical narrative of vehicle design..


    Two new degree programs:

    Vehicle Development Technician Program
    Develop the skills, knowledge and abilities auto companies and suppliers are looking for in electrified and automated/connected vehicles and experimental vehicle testing. This program provides the unique combination of technical skills including mechanical, electronic, and software required for this exciting new career.
    FCA Automotive Manufacturing Program
    FCA and its manufacturing plants have partnered with Macomb to find individuals looking to put their passion for automobiles to work.  The program combines on-the-job training at FCA with academic coursework at Macomb and gives students the chance to develop leadership, problem-solving and communication skills.

    The CAAT has also:

    • Funded 18 advanced automotive technology education proposals through our available seed funding
    • Supported and funded general public and academic outreach education
    • Supported and funded academic professional development activities

    How Can We Help You?

    CAAT staff is available to help develop projects for seed funding, advise on proposals prior to submission, and collaborate on new projects to meet industry technician needs or curriculum supporting advanced automotive technologies.

    We also provide technical assistance for faculty professional development, establishing educational pathways, resources to assist with economic development, and/or workforce development related to the auto industry.

    Please contact us at 586-445-7126 or CAAT@macomb.edu.