CAAT's 2019 Accomplishments and Activities

In 2019, the National Science Foundation awarded the CAAT an additional $1M to support industry and education initiatives to keep pace with the fast-moving technological advances in the automotive sector. Our primary mission is the development of a prepared technical workforce for the advanced automotive industry, a critical initiative to continued national economic growth. We engage with stakeholders in education, business and the community to proactively address the emerging and growing hiring and educational needs of the automotive industry. CAAT also works with industry and educational partners to create curriculum related to connected/automated vehicles and cybersecurity, attend and present at important automotive and educational conferences and events, and mentor and collaborate with other ATE Centers to ensure that technicians are prepared for automotive cybersecurity, automotive infrastructure, materials technology, etc.

The CAAT team is also very excited to welcome two new members to the CAAT team! Don Hutchison is the CAAT's new Principal Investigator and Macomb Community College's (MCC) new Dean of Engineering and Advanced Technology. We are also pleased to welcome Benigno Cruz as the CAAT's new Director and Co-Principal Investigator, replacing Bob Feldmaier, who successfully led the CAAT team for the past 7 years.

National Center for Autonomous Technologies

CAAT Named Partner in NCAT

CAAT is named a partner in the $7M National Science Foundation Grant to form the National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT). This new NSF ATE National Center will aim to serve the national need for developing and maintaining a skilled technical workforce in the field of autonomous technologies. The CAAT will receive $125,000 over the 5-year grant term to:

  • Develop and deliver STEM camps based on our highly successful and well-established models
  • Host a professional development workshop
  • Execute a new articulation agreement in advance technology

Technician Curriculum Development

Developed Automotive Cybersecurity for Automotive Technicians course


Professional Development

Offered professional development opportunities that were attended by more than 350 automotive educators


STEM Outreach to Middle and High School Students and Parents

Provided STEM outreach opportunities to more than 7,000 middle and high school students and parents

Girl Scout Engineering Day
  • Conducted in-classroom STEM labs in 14 middle school classrooms for approximately 2,700 students
  • Offered a hands-on balloon-powered car STEM lab at the Girls Scouts Engineering Day event (February, 30 students)
  • Provided career information and hands-on hovercraft STEM lab at Macomb's Career Exploration Days (March, 100 students)
  • Provided career information and hands-on hovercraft STEM lab at Middle School Days at Jefferson Middle School in St. Clair Shores (March, 175 students)
  • Participated in the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) STEM Day and the Detroit Science Center (May, 1,000 students)
  • Conducted two Career Exploration Labs in conjunction with Macomb's College for Kids program, (July, 9 students)
  • Collaborated with Macomb Community College, General Motors and Bosch, to allow middle school students to explore STEAM careers through interactive, hands-on activities at week-long STEAM Career Camps (July & August, 48)
  • Offered Auto STEAM Days event attended by middle and high school students from area secondary schools (December, 2,000)
  • Sponsored Exploring Careers in Manufacturing and Technology event attended by middle and high school students/parents (December, 350)


Educational Leadership

Participated in various opportunities to engage with leading educational organizations to further the education of technicians and engineering technologists in advanced automotive technologies


Industry Engagement

Attended important industry events to keep the CAAT on top of the expanding workforce needs of the automotive industry


Marketing and Communications

Maintained website for students, educators, and industry representatives that was visited more than 40,000 times by nearly 35,000 unique visitors

  • The website had more than 150,000 pageviews this year
  • Added a new New Materials in Our Resource Library page to the CAAT website
  • Added 61 new resources to the CAAT's free library, from which more than 1,800 resources were downloaded
  • Engaged with nearly 1,250 followers over social media

Developed ten CAAT Tracks newsletters distributed to 1,500 subscribers