CAAT's 2017 Accomplishments and Activities

The CAAT had a very successful 2017!  Highlights of the year include developing a new degree program, creating three new courses through our seed funding program, providing professional development training for 500 educators, offering free STEM outreach activities to more than 7,000 students, adding more than 70 new resources to our free library, and hosting an international conference for automotive instructors.  Full details are provided below. 

students gather around vehicle as instructor demonstrates lessonTechnician Curriculum Development

Worked with industry to develop a new technician degree program

Worked with two community colleges and one university to complete three seed funding contracts to:


attndees at conferenceProfessional Development

Offered professional development opportunities that were attended by more than 500 automotive educators


CEL students show off their creationsSTEM Outreach to Middle and High School Students/Parents

Provided STEM outreach opportunities to more than 7,000 middle and high school students and parents

  • Conducted in-classroom STEM labs in 135 middle school classrooms for approximately 4,000 students
    • Developed and added four new STEM labs: Art Wiggle Bot, Lift it With a Lever, Two-Stage Balloon Rocket, Marble Machine
  • Offered Auto STEAM Days event attended by 2,700 middle and high school students from 33 secondary schools (December)
  • Sponsored Exploring Careers in Manufacturing and Technology event attended by 400 middle and high school students/parents (December)
  • Conducted two Career Exploration Labs in conjunction with Macomb's College for Kids program (June & July, 40 attendees) 
  • Provided hovercraft kits for 175 middle school students attending a STEM event at Macomb Community College (March)
  • Hosted University Bound program for 13 Macomb students planning to transfer to Wayne State University (May)
  • Held Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Summer Academy for 15 high school students (June)
  • Sponsored an information table at the 2017 NAIAS Education Day (January)
  • Sponsored an information table at the 2017 AutoRAMA Student Career Day (February)
  • Hosted a display table at the Technology in Motion STEM Career Showcase (September)


Feldmaier presenting at lecturnEducational Leadership

Participated in various opportunities to engage with leading educational organizations to further the education of technicians and engineering technologists in advanced automotive technologies


CAR management briefing audienceIndustry Engagement

Attended important industry events to keep the CAAT on top of the expanding workforce needs of the automotive industry


Marketing and Communications

Maintained website for students, educators, and industry representatives that was visited more than 32,000 times by more than 26,000 unique visitors

  • The website had more than 125,000 pageviews this year
    • with more than 25,000 from new visitors
  • Added 74 new resources to the CAAT's free library, from which more than 1,800 resources were downloaded
  • Added a new Industry Webinars page to the CAAT website
  • Added four new technology pages (ADAS and CAV) to the CAAT website
    • the technology pages accounted for nearly 1/3 of all traffic with over 40,000 views
  • Posted 280 industry news items and 50 industry events to the CAAT homepage
  • Provided 1,700 social media posts to more than 900 followers
    • a gain of more than 230 new followers
  • Updated all website content pages to meet ADA requirements

Developed eight CAAT Tracks newsletters distributed to 1,400 subscribers