• About CAAT

    The Center for Advanced Automotive Technology (CAAT) launched as an ATE Center in 2010. CAAT reached every projected milestone and filled a critical niche within automotive mobility in the advanced technology community. In 2018, CAAT transitioned into a resource center, scaling back operations while continuing its essential role as a communications conduit and connector between education and industry to expand the scope and availability of technicians and technologists in the automotive sector.

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    Resource Center

    In 2018, CAAT transitioned to a resource center. CAAT’s leadership team continues to work closely with auto designers, manufacturers and parts suppliers to determine emerging education needs to meet the needs of employers and prepare students to find success post-graduation. CAAT will remain an essential connection between academia, government and industry to provide and widely disseminate vital education resources in advanced automotive technology.

    The CAAT is a partnership between Macomb Community College (Warren, Michigan) and Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan).

    Our Mission:

    • To meet the expanding workforce needs of the automotive industry by leading the way in advanced automotive technology including materials lightweighting, automated and connected vehicles, and electrification.
    • To collaborate among education, industry, government , and professional associations, to develop curricula and educational opportunities.
    • To increase the pool of automotive technicians, engineering technologists, and engineers to work with advanced automotive technology.
    • To be a regional resource for developing and disseminating advanced automotive technology education.

    Our Vision:

    The CAAT will be recognized as the preeminent regional center with national impact on Advanced Automotive Technology, developing strong relationships with industry partners, and connecting with other educational institutions to further the education of technicians and engineering technologists in advanced automotive technologies.

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